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“Huh? Something even better than this!?” Hearing this, Yin Tianzong was instantly astonished! The Meridian Seven Star Sword was already very precious to him, but Hong Dali had something even better!?


Such strong power! He was indeed the number one genius among the Galaxy Aristocrats. Just his entrance was sufficient for everyone to understand he was not easily trifled with.


So-so. Hong Dali took the Dali beans and gently tapped Ackas little head. Acka opened its eyes unwillingly. Suddenly, it saw the Dali beans and its eyes lit up. It opened its little mouth and peck, it ate one. It opened its mouth again and, peck, ate another bean. Once more it opened its mouth and peck, damn, that was one more bean gone.


Thats good. Jiang Dongliu opened the door from empty air as he spoke. Grandpa will go gallivant around then. Aiya, speaking of which, the weather today is really good. Well, hehehe.


Hong Dali held the gem and smiled foolishly. At this time, the AI butler Tang Long silently projected from the inside of the watch. When he saw the jewel in Hong Dalis hands, he suddenly exclaimed, Dont move! Put the stone down! Show me what it is!


“Eh?” Hong Dali looked down at Luo Qiang, then looked at the great Mister Gate and second greatest Mister Eagle Eye. He bent down and picked up a brick, then sternly said, “The two of you bullied my Brother Luo Qiang last night?!”

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Your fist dont have eyes? Mister Gate sneered. He was big and tall. Standing beside the rest, he was like a huge water bucket, extremely scary. The man who threatened everyone was so scared and moved back three steps!


Crack Amused by what Hong Dali said, Jiang Qianxue covered her mouth and laughed. She blushed and said, I feel theres nothing wrong with continuing. Forget it, lets just leave it be. Oh right, if you see anything you like at the auction tomorrow, tell me. I will buy it for you as repayment for your help in helping me resolve my preoccupation.


Half a minute later, Mister Gate was contentedly drinking wine from a wooden cup that had just been carved. He smiled and said, “Wahahaha, kid, way to go. You were right.” As he spoke, he looked carefully at Hong Dali. Suddenly, he leaned forward and pulled Hong Dali into an embrace—his arm was as thick as Hong Dali’s waist! “Kid, I like the look of you. Be my son!”


Hong Dali looked carefully at the young man. Who are you? What is your name?


“Then… Alright.” Hong Dali thought for a while again, then suddenly remembered that James and a big bunch of people were still waiting to make a film. How could he have forgotten about such a good opportunity to squander? Upon thinking of this, Hong Dali’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “I did indeed think of something. Brother Tianzong, can you help me make a filming company? I want to film some stuff for fun… Such as buying some small planets and blowing them up for fun.”


After a while, Geezer Wang walked in slowly with Little Bai Hechou. En, little Bai Hechou flew in


Their relationship must be quite good for Hong Dali to bring Miss Qianxue out in plain clothes. Although Hong Dali was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, he should not dare to become Miss Qianxues lover. It seemed they should be very good friends. He could not afford to offend someone like that!



Wang Daoming sat on the ground with his legs crossed, palms resting on his legs and facing upwards. He was practicing the martial arts on the “Demon Fantasy Record”.



“Dali!” Lan Ruoxi ran towards Hong Dali once she entered through the doors. She dashed to Hong Dali and held Hong Dali’s hand, looking at him from head to toe, not missing any detail. His hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth… she wanted to know if Hong Dali even lost a strand of hair. When she finished looking and found nothing missing, her eyes were smiling. “Aiyo, our little prodigal seems to be doing quite well. You put on weight in just a few days…”


To be honest, it was bothersome to attract so much attention everywhere they went. Soon, Hong Dali decided to find a place to rest. It was extremely stressful to be on the streets with a Galaxy Aristocrat on this Silver-blue super-planethe felt like a monkey in the zoo. Of course, Hong Dali was the monkey in the center of attention.


I couldnt care less about the advancement assessment. Hong Dali pouted. I can do whatever I want as long as I have money. One million!

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