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To be honest, the Galaxy Aristocrats seemed very impressive on the surface but were actually very lonely. They did not have many friends as most people barely dared to talk to them, much less joke with them.


Everyone has their own thinking. Mister Gate chuckled. Its better for some things to go with the flow. Look at me, although my new son is quite the prodigal, I quite like him. Isnt that good enough?


“That’s right.” Lan Ruoxi rested her head on Hong Weiguo’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and gently said, “Our little prodigal isn’t an ordinary person wherever he goes to. I just hope that he won’t be in any trouble over there…”


“Not bad, not bad.” Hong Dali was quite satisfied with the results. He grinned and nodded. “Okay, let’s just wear these first and change when we have better ones.”


Actually its nothing Tianyi was a little depressed. I just wanted to pick up some girls, but not only did I fail, I even got beaten up


Mister, please follow me! His superior had appeared. The clerk hurriedly changed his attitude, nodding and bowing. Someone will bring you to settle the paperwork. Next, we will look at how you progress in the future. If you can pass level twenty-four, you will be able to advance to yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat!

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There was not much competition between both. Ordinary Honorary Aristocrats and Double Honorary Aristocrats were under two different systems. There was no dispute of interest. Hence, it was easier to establish a relationship.


Ling Xiaoyi had on a full suit of chain armor. She looked like a female comic book warrior. Looking good was a must.


Isnt that right. I sold all my loss-making businesses to him. And he bought it all. Hes my God of Fortune. I was just fretting about how I can get rid of them.


Soon, the Systems voice sounded, Completed increasing the lifespan of targeted people.


Its its okay, I guess. Jiang Qianxue sounded nervous. I just passed level nineteen. The levels behind are a little tough. I need more training. Dali, Ill go look for you now. Then, she ended the call.


Li Nianwei was clad in super sexy leather. She had on a black jacket, black hot-pants and black high boots which revealed a stretch of snowy white leg. Together with her angelic smile, yes, she was what people described when they talked about angels with the body of a demon.


As they greeted each other, the people in the Honorary Aristocrats area saw Honorary Aristocrat approaching them with his entourage and started joking



Li Nianwei smiled as she approached him. Once she sat down, she put her long, slender legs on the table. The heels of her shoes were almost in the Goblins nose. Little guy, I suggest you take this seriously. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!



This silver-level Honorary Aristocrats name was Galleon. He could be considered a business prodigy. The piece of land that he was trying to sell that day had always been a thorn in his fleshhe had bought it for 35 million with plans to develop it. After all, the future of the property market on the Galaxy super planets was still pretty good. However, after he bought it and prepared to develop it, he found out that the piece of land was completely unsuited for developing. The ground was mainly a mix of rocks and sand. The hard places were super hard and the loose places were made up of loose sediment. It was impossible to build anything high. He could insist on developing it, but the costs would be six times as muchwhat would he earn then? His net profit ratio margin would be pulled down!


There was a show to be had this timeLi Yang shouted, Poser, Ill let you fly! The two First Order Planet Warriors were sent flying when they had just started to attack.


A four-meter-tall giant was in a confrontation with a two-meter-tall man, then a 1.75 meters man with a brick in his hand appeared. Although short, his presence was in no way inferior. He even had a Galaxy Aristocrat hanging on his arm… At the sight of this scene, Comrade Luo Qiang, who was ready to resign, could not resist it…

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