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Yes, yes. Look at his aura, look at his ability. Just by walking in, I can feel his frosty aura. Hes indeed the number one genius. Very powerful!


He would have to watch Jiang Qianxue. If she fell in love with this super-genius, if this super-genius was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, it would be problematic!


Its hard to say. Tianyi touched his chin and thought for a while. But I think it should not be him. I lost to him in one move previously. After that, a mysterious old man saved me. He was a Galaxy Aristocrat. I could tell. But he disappeared suddenly later. Nothing happened, he must have asked the White Beard Mister if it was him. If he was really the super genius, wouldnt have all the Galaxy Aristocrats rushed over by now?


“I already completed it. It’s not very interesting. And it doesn’t require any money.” Hong Dali sniffled and picked up an attribute gem. It was gem processing time!


When he finished appraising all the equipment, Brahmans eyes could no longer focus. My God, they are all top-grade gems with more than +12 attributes this


En, en, en. My Xinxin has always been capable. Tang Ruixi grinned and patted on the back of Tang Muxins hand. I could tell since you were a little girl.

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Okay. Na Tairan gently lifted his hand, and the thousands of onlookers around him all felt their chests tighten. He put his hand on the stone tablet. Suddenly, the stone tablet displayed Na Tairans Tower of Trials results. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the sixty-second attempt.


Isnt that a proper business transaction? How is that considered squandering? Ace asked the shop owner curiously. Could it be that your shop is facing some problems? Tell me about it.


“Ah? You like Brother Genius?” Yin Tianzong did not seem to find anything wrong with that. “I like him too! When I meet him, I intend to make him my big brother!”


You are the number one interstellar pirate kind, indeed. I cant hide anything from you. The old man sighed and said, What I wanted to ask you is, are you the one who passed level thirty of the Tower of Trials?


The rest were all given gems that added fourteen to attributes. With twenty gems each, coupled with their own attributes and Dali’s lackey halo, lackeys with all attributes of more than five hundred points were born. Levis’ basic attributes were raised to more than six hundred. If he further increased it to seven hundred percent…


“Damn it.” One of the captains was looking at the holographic projection of the scene outside. On the projection, a Zerg army that flooded their sight. He cursed and scolded. “These damned bugs, why did they appear here? And there’s so many of them! This is close to the scale of a Zerg tide!”


After all, he ate Dali beans every day. His rate of growth was bound to be exceptionally fast. With such a ferocious armor-clad tiger, they attracted a sizable amount of attention. However, this type of attention was different from the kind they attracted as Honorary Aristocrats.



Its not bad. Tang Ruisi nodded. At present, the medical field is advancing very quickly. The state has been giving us a lot of support. We have overcome many difficulties and the results are gratifying.



I feel we are not well suited for each other, Hong Dali said decisively. Lets break up. Crack oh, my heart, its shattering into a million pieces


“Don’t be nervous.” Jiang Duxing hugged his daughter and gently said, “We don’t even know who this super-genius is yet. You still have a lot of time to think over this. What if this person is an old man? Or from the giant race? Or maybe an evil villain? You don’t know any of these, so… Just wait first, wait until we find him before you decide, okay?”


Tens of thousands of light-years! Even if he could come back often, it was different from being on Earth.

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